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Solutions is an Australian manufacturer of a specialist range of products for the treatment and maintenance of stone, masonry and tile surfaces, committed to producing technically advanced, high performance products which are proven in Australian conditions.

We supply a complete range of sealers for natural stone, masonry products and porous tiles making suitable for any sealing issue for the following surfaces:

Slate Concrete pavers Masonry block
Terracotta Clay pavers Bricks
Sandstone Decorative concrete Travertine
Granite Tessellated tiles Limestone
Marble Porcelain stoneware Grout

Coatings soak into the pores building up on the surface acting as a physical barrier to prevent water, oil and dirt from entering the pores. Coatings give a glazed appearance on the surface and should only be used on relatively porous surfaces such as slate, sandstone and concrete.


Silacryl Slate Sealer Gloss & Satin
High performance solvent based sealer designed to beautify and protect masonry surfaces. Only quality acrylic resins are used in the manufacture of SILACRYL to guarantee durability, UV protection and high gloss levels. SILACRYL is widely regarded as one of the best slate sealing products on the market.
Aquacryl All Stone Sealer
Water based sealer which protects and enhances porous surfaces such as slate, terra cotta, sandstone etc. It gives a natural gloss without darkening the material. Aquacryl enables the substrate to breathe, making it suitable in applications where solvent based sealers aren't.
Consolidate Stone Sealer
Deep impregnating sealers which keeps natural appearance of substrate, reduces efflorescence, excellent salt resistance, gives maximum water repellancy reducing moss and mould. Sealer also makes substrate easy to clean and maintain.
Hi-Lacryl Colour Hi-lighter
Acryilc hi0lighter designed for stone and masonry. Colour darkening effect by subtly enhancing the natural colours of the surface. Great penetration, reducing slip factor of standard acrylics. Excellent UV resistance for ourdoor use. Also has great resistance to common household spills, and prevents mould, moss and mildew.
Pristine Natural Sealer
A state of the art solvent based penetrating sealer. It contains a carefully selected blend of solvents and resins which are renowned for durability. These resins are deposited in the capillaries of porous surfaces - leaving a barrier against water and oil-borne contaminants, with minimal change to the natural appearance of the surface. Pristine is ideal for terra cotta and other hard to keep clean porous surfaces.
Protex Stone and Porcelain Sealer
Specialised penetrating sealer for treating low absorptive surfaces such as polished porcelain tiles. The small molecular structure of this sealer means that it penetrates into the microscopic pores of the tile and repels water and oil-borne stains.
Super Seal Grout & Tile Sealer
Convenient to use as well as an incredibly powerful sealant against stains, mildew and mould. Whether it's the grout and tiles in a shower; the toilet bowl or the kitchen bench - Super Seal will give premium, lasting protection to make ongoing cleaning a breeze.

Cleaners and Solvents:

Cleaners and Solvents are designed for use prior to sealing and for ongoing maintenance. Cleaners are designed for stone and tile surfaces and also for cleaning sealed surfaces. Solvents and strippers are proven for maximum effectiveness in this market.

Natural Clean
A concentrated neutral cleaner, formulated specifically for regular use on sealed and polished surfaces. Biodegradable and phosphate free and will not damage existing sealers. Suitable for all glazed and unglazed, sealed and natural stone, tile and masonry surfaces.
Enviro Safety Stripper
A specially blended, powerful formation for the removal of a wide range of floor coatings, adhesives and graffiti. Unlike most strippers it is safe for both the user and the environment, while still being highly effective in completely removing cured coatings. ENVIRO does not flash off quickly like ketones and chlorinated solvents, allowing ample time to remove the dissolved coating. Suitable for stripping Silacryl, Aquacryl, Pavacryl, Acrylics, Graffiti, Polyurethanes, Epoxies and Vinyl Glues.
A powerful blend of phosphoric acid, solvents and surfactants for removing cement and grout residues, efflorescence, rust stains and soap scum. Suitable for Ceramic tiles, Brick, Terracotta, Concrete, Glass, Stone, Grout and Acid safe surfaces.
A concentrated, heavy-duty alkaline cleaner specifically designed for cleaning greasy, oily areas and stripping waxes and polishes. Suitable for Glazed & Unglazed tiles and Unsealed tiles & masonry.
A hydrocarbon solvent used with Silacryl and Pavacryl sealants. Suitable for Silacryl, Pavacryl and Xylene based sealers.
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